According to many people, especially the people of Khuzestan, lamb or barhi dates are the most delicious dates among other dates. This date was originally born and originated in Iraq, which of course is widely cultivated and harvested in our own Khuzestan. Barhi dates have gained a lot of fame because they are late ripening and have good resistance to moisture. Dates are very important and economically and commercially valuable dates in Khuzestan province and of course for Iran. Hence Berhi dates exporters at affordable prices

Berhi dates exporters at affordable prices

What are barhi dates?

What are barhi dates?

Organic barhi dates were mainly cultivated in Iraq, but today in Khuzestan, a large area of ​​the province’s groves has a wide range of these dates. Apart from Khuzestan itself, in the cities of Qasr Shirin, Somar, Bandar Lengeh and Dehloran, and to a large extent in Borazjan, lamb dates are harvested every year. Dates are yellowish and brownish brown. This date turns more yellow at the time of Khark and eats light brown when it becomes moist and finally when it is fully ripe. It has an oval shape and its texture is soft and belongs to the wet and wet date family. The good thing about dates is that they can be used well in Khark, Rotab and when dates are ripe, and many other products can be obtained from this date. Due to the wetness of dates, it is recommended not to store dates for a long time, and it is better to store dates in cold storage and in very cool environments. However, when the dates arrive, the storage conditions become easier and the dates can be stored for a relatively longer period of time at room temperature. Lamb dates are harvested in August and early September and are mainly packaged and sold in various carton boxes from 1 kg to 10 kg after harvest. Recently, of course, some companies have also packed this in standard plastic containers. The product is done.

In general, the conditions of packaging and sale of these dates, which were traditionally done in previous years, today, with appropriate investments, have progressed towards more mechanized and standard packaging, and one of the most advanced collections in the industry of production, harvesting and packaging. Types of dates, including lamb dates and the distribution of the highest quality lamb dates in Iran and other countries. Date Khark has a good sugar content and this Khark is widely used in the food and beverage industry. Khark is a little astringent, but it can be consumed because it is sweet enough. Lamb dates have a good sweet taste and are one of the best and best types of dates in the world and have an extremely delicious taste. The weight of each Farahi date is about 8 grams, but this date has more fleshy or larger textures, which is the same issue and the health of the fruit causes the diagnosis of first and second degree of this product.

The skin of the date palm is thick and the ratio of date flesh to date kernel is about 7.77. The kernel is almost attached to the flesh, although it separates easily, and the fruit cap does not stick too much to the fruit.

Barhi dates have many fans both in Iran and in other countries, including European countries, and are considered one of the most valuable dates for export in Iran. This date can not be grown everywhere because it needs special weather conditions. This means that dates need lamb to cook or reach very hot weather and strong hot winds, and for this reason it is called barhi because the word barhi means strong hot wind. This date cooks at the peak of heat and is one of the best dates in the southern regions. Barhi dates are also used to produce many natural foods and are generally one of the most nutritious dates because they provide a lot of energy and the amount of minerals and iron in this type of date is very high. For example, barhi dates are used to produce date halva, ardeh dates, date lavashka, date sugar, industrial alcohol, various cakes and local sweets, cakes or drinks.

Berhi dates exporters at cheapest price

Berhi dates exporters at cheapest price

Burhi dates have a hot and dry nature and are highly recommended for people who have a soda and cold nature. Between 3 and 5 of these dates a day can regulate your body temperament. To soften the chest of people who cough, it is recommended to cook 50 grams of this date in 1000 grams of water and drink two to three cups of decoction of this date a day to see its effect on softening and eliminating dry chest. For more information about date suppliers please visit our official website.

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