High quality estameran dates export is one of the best selling methods in the market that should be done with proper management. The initial capital required to export a variety of dates is much higher than that of ordinary sellers, and therefore it is not possible for these people to export it. The exorbitant initial costs of exporting barley dates are so high that this is not easy to do in the market. Hence Estameran dates export wholesale price.

Estameran dates export wholesale price

are Estameran dates good for health?

are Estameran dates good for health?

  • It is a good substitute for sugar because it has less energy than it. In fact, a certain amount of sugar and dates have less energy in dates.
  •     Dates are good for the digestive system and its diseases due to the presence of nutritious vitamins. Eating dates also helps prevent bowel cancer.
  •     Dates are good for people with high blood pressure because of their potassium content.
  •     This fruit is anti-cancer due to its magnesium.
  •     Due to the presence of phosphorus and magnesium, it also strengthens memory.
  •     The important role of dates in hematopoiesis and prevention of hypoglycemia is very important. Dates contain folic acid, which is a hematopoietic substance, which is why dates are known as hematopoietic fruits.
  •     Consumption of dates causes weight loss due to less energy.
  •     Eating dates with milk is a great way to increase strength and energy in the body.

Colonial dates are in the semi-dry dates variety group and their moisture is very low, which makes them easier to export due to their long shelf life. Traders and producers of dates due to high profits and also the reasonable price of this product show great interest in selling colonial dates. Due to its high sugar content, this date provides a lot of energy for the consumer. In this model, the date kernel and flesh of the date are easily separated and do not create a sticky state. This date is one of the most desirable international trade dates, the main origin of which is Abadan-Khorramshahr.

The export of these dates has been growing in recent years and has been a good profit for exporting companies.

Suppose that when buying dates, you want to identify good dates by smelling or seeing them. But until you taste it, you can not say whether the date is good or not.

Considering the type of dates, it can be said by experience and seeing that this date is good. But by seeing or smelling it, its quality can not be determined because the taste of dates is very important.

Hence, this date has the ability to be exported due to its wonderful and hearty taste.

Estameran dates export bulk price

Estameran dates export bulk price

Colonial dates are picked from the tree as sap and stored in the refrigerator before reaching the stage of hard dates. This rotb has a very delicious taste. Recently, this type of date was exported to some European countries, such as the United Kingdom, and it was very well received. For more information about Estameran dates export bulk price, you can visit our website.

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